Sculptor - an artist who creates three-dimensional works of art, usually in stone or clay. We also create three-dimensional art except with 3D digital media content. Instead of sculptures done in stone, clay or glass, we are using the new medium of 3D and Machinima as an art on the internet using the latest 3D and animation tools. We've been creating 3D artwork since the mid-90's for use on websites, videos, presentations, interactive media, and print, but now the tools and capabilities are far superior and allow for faster development and more powerful creativity.

3D, animations, motion graphics and other videos are evolving on the internet and larger companies and organizations are currently the only ones taking advantage of this powerful marketing, educational, and entertainment tool. Our goal is to bring 3D graphics, animation, interactive to smaller and mid-sized organizations. 3D is growing fast on the internet and mobile devices, it will be hard for companies to keep up in a few years. We want to help provide simple, cost-effective, 3D advertising, web graphics, Flash, and other 3D formats to the small business and make it affordable.

Our new website is in production and more information, links and content will be added soon. Please check back for more information or contact us with any questions.