Digital Media Sculptors is a Digital Media Enterprises company. We have been in business since 2001. With the exciting world of 3D growing rapidly, we are on the forefront of this revolution in communicating with new media technologies. 3D and animations have been around for awhile but now it has come of age and we are ready. We are passionate about using this undiscovered creativity to help organizations, businesses, schools, music, and other media reach more audience by the use of 3D and animations, motion graphics, stories and music. Combining these different immersive media's together allows complete unlimited creativity.

We are constantly learning, researching and experimenting with new internet and multimedia technologies, which have become increasingly important to maintaining a successful web presence for the future. We are already utilizing the power of enhanced interactive, media-rich and engaging websites, by using video, 3D/animation, music and Flash. Our expertise and skills continue to grow with the rapidly changing web and digital media environments. Let us help facilitate your organization's success through the use of these new and emerging web-based and multi-media technologies.

Digital Media Sculptors